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This manual will give you a walk-through on how to use the WSDL/SOAP RPC services.




The web service client built into MarvinSketch allows it to access SOAP RPC services defined by the WSDL descriptor. After selecting the WSDL the application discovers available webservices and operations and shows them in a selection three. When the operation is selected, the client will show either the necessary parameters or and error message (if the operation is not supported in the current version of MarvinSketch).

Input parameters


The following parameter types are supported as input arguments for the call:


* Please note that WSDL Float support is not complete


Restricted types are also handled, but the restrictions are not taken into account.


The web services client has some restrictions that a user must follow for automatic parameter discovery:

  • Parameters of a message should be defined in the part named "parameters"
  • or can be defined as separate parts, where each part locally contains parameter definitions. 




The result of a SOAP RPC call is either a Java Object or an Object[] array. The result is displayed as a primitive type, or as a table if it is a combination of different Java types. If the result is a text represented form of a molecule then it will be displayed as a molecule.