Silent Installation

In v18.18.0 and later versions, you can install JChem For Office in silent mode.

You have to run Command Prompt in administration mode.

In the case of all users install and uninstall, be sure that other users are not running Microsoft Office (Excel) application and there is no restricted JChem for Office (Excel) add-in among their Office settings.

  1. Start cmd (Command Prompt) with run as administrator mode.

  2. Type in msiexec or msiexec.exe.

  3. Specify the install option. For example /i is for install and /x is for uninstall.

  4. Specify the path to the package.

  5. Specify the display options, /quiet ( no user interaction) , /passive (progress bar only), and so on.

  6. Specify the restart options, for example, /norestart.

  7. Specify the logging options (for example /log logs all information) and the name and path of the log file.

  8. Specify the JChem specific options:

    • INSTALL_USERS=All Installs JChem for Office for all users.

    • WORD="" By entering this, the add-in will not be installed for Word.

    • POWERPOINT="" By entering this, the add-in will not be installed for PowerPoint.

    • OUTLOOK="" By entering this, the add-in will not be installed for Outlook.

For more information regarding Msiexec, click here.


Install/uninstall mode


JC4O install with all modules for the current user

msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /norestart

JC4O install with all modules for all users

msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log INSTALL_USERS=All

JC4O install with only JChem For Excel module

msiexec /i C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.138.x64.msi /quiet /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log WORD="" POWERPOINT="" OUTLOOK=""

JC4O uninstall in silent mode

msiexec /x C:\INSTALL\JChem_For_Office_18.18.11.151.x64.msi /quiet /norestart /log C:\INSTALL\JC4O_install.log