Registration page

The Registration page is the first page of the web client application, from where a compound can be sent for registration.

Register a new compound

Register a new lot

Register a new compound reviewing matches

Register a virtual compound

Depending on the user's privileges, and on system settings, the user can switch on or off the Advanced Registration mode.



Regular registration mode (Advanced mode OFF)

Advanced registration mode ON

The Advanced registration mode will invoke the real-time structure checkers and stereo analyzers and the match list.

Regardless of the Registration mode setting (Advanced ON or OFF), after "Applying" a structure, the user will be able to use the "Find" option that will reveal the matching compounds from the database and the chance to assign submissions to other users.



The "Find" option available on the Registration page

The "Suggestion list" with the "Assign" functionality from the Registration page "Find"

The Assign functionality is described in detail here.