Register a new compound

On the Registration page, the user can provide an Id (LnbRef) and a structure.

Mandatory fields are having a yellow background, e.g. LnbRef. Filling out other fields is not mandatory.

  • For a valid LnbRef, any number (e.g. 123456), or Capital letter followed by a number (e.g. A123456) can be provided.

  • By clicking on the structure area, Marvin 4JS structure editor will be loaded. Structures can be drawn or imported (even by providing a name for source).

Steps for registering a structure:

  1. Draw a structure (e.g. erythritol)

  2. Enter the LnbRef

  3. Click on the blue Register button.


The Registration page (structure and ID are provided)

The successful registration is summarized in a window, where the allocated Ids are listed: PCN (Parent Compound Number), CN (Compound Number), LN (Lot Number). Since pyridine structure is being registered for the first time, the new lot will be registered under a new PCN and version, and as a first lot of the tree.


Registration summary (with the allocated IDs)

After registering a compound, the user has two options:

  • click on Open compound: user can be redirected to the Browse page, where a tree-like representation displays the three main entities in the Compound Registration: parent, version, and lot, or

  • click on Close: the summary window will be closed and a new registration can be started.

If the Open compound option is chosen, the user is redirected to the registered lot located in a tree.


The tree-like representation on the Browse page