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 MarvinView can execute scripts containing 3D viewing commands delimited by semicolons or newlines. Comment lines start with #. Currently, only the following subset of RasMol/Chime commands is implemented:


ballstick on
ballstick true
Ball & stick rendering style.
This command is Marvin-specific.
center atomno
center [x, y, z]

centre atomno
centre [x, y, z]
Defines the center point for the rotate and zoom commands. Without argument, the center is set to be the center of gravity. The argument can be an atom number, or three coordinates specifying the distance from the center of gravity. The x, y, z values are in RasMol units (1/250 Angstrom).
cpkSynonymous with spacefill.
delay seconds
Delays the continuation of script execution for the specified number of seconds. Default delay value is 1 second.
echo textPrints a message to the standard output.
exitExits from the script. In case of nested scripts, it terminates only the current level.
load molfileLoads a molecule file from the specified URL.
quitExits from the script interpreter. Terminates all nested levels of scripts.
refreshRedraws the current image. In Marvin, this command is not necessary because the image is automatically refreshed at the beginning of delay commands and at the end of script.
resetRestores the default viewing transformation.
rotate x angle
rotate y angle
rotate z angle
Rotates about the "x", "y" or "z" axis with the specified angle (degrees).
script file
source file
Reads a script from the specified URL.
Scripts can be nested without any depth limitation in Marvin.
spacefill on
spacefill true
Atoms are represented by balls, bonds are not drawn.
sticks on
sticks true
Sticks rendering style.
This command is Marvin-specific.
wireframe on
wireframe true
Bonds are represented by lines in wireframe mode.
wireknobs on
wireknobs true
Wireframe with knobs.
This command is Marvin-specific.
zapDeletes molecule and resets parameter variables to their default values.
zoom percentageMagnifies to the specified value.


Warning: RasMol support is incomplete and experimental.