Plexus Connect - History of Changes

Sep 3rd 2020: 20.17.0

Improvements and bugs fixed

  • UI for setting color scale for Scatter plot has been added. (PC-1518)

  • Fixed chart resize after opening filter sidebar. (PC-1504)

  • Support for new filter operators for decimal values has been added. (PC-1467)

  • Picklist is now supported only for relevant operators, where precise choice (accurate selection between given exact values) is doable. (PC-1489)

Long Term Supported Release – Aug 17th, 2020: Plexus Connect 20.8.4 (Fermium 4)

Jul 14th, 2020: 20.15.0

Improvements and bugs fixed

  • Conditional formatting now supports any color defined in IJC and any set of conditions. To define a color, a color picker has been implemented. The color value can be easily copy-pasted and reused. Furthermore, the text color is also respected. (PC-1476)

  • Displaying full field names as tooltips has been implemented. (PC-1493)

  • Support for picklist functionality in querying. When a filtered field contains only list values, only the list items are offered for picking them to use as search values. (PC-786)

  • Improved support for conditional formatting. Now, conditional formatting can be set for all widgets containing text or numerical values. (PC-1485)

Long Term Supported Release – Jun 22nd, 2020: Plexus Connect 20.8.3 (Fermium 3)