Import from File in Jchem for Office

It is possible to import structures and associated data from various file formats.

The following file formats are supported:

  • ChemAxon MRV

  • MDL SD File (this group of files may include filetypes having different extensions, for example, .rgf, which means SDF format containing R-group definitions or .csrgf, which is the compressed format of .rgf.)

  • MDL RD File

  • List of SMILES strings

  • List of ChemAxon extended smiles strings

  • List of IUPAC names

  • Different types of documents with Document to Structure license. For more information, see Document to Structure.

  • A part of the structure file formats is supported as well. See Open Structure Files in JChem for Office for more information.

Use this function to import structures from file formats that support multiple structures. To import individual structures use the Open Structure Files in JChem for Office function.