Export Dialog

In the Export dialog, you can save your structure in the selected format or as an image.

Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+S

Structure Export


Supported Export Formats in Marvin JS

Natively Marvin JS supports the MRV and MDL Mol(V2000) formats. Other export formats are also available through web services.

Natively Supported

  • ChemAxon Marvin Document (MRV)

  • MDL Molfile (V2000)

Web Service is Needed

  • MDL RXNfile

  • MDL RGfile

  • MDL RDfile


  • ChemAxon SMILES


  • ChemAxon Extended SMARTS

  • InChI

  • InChIKey

  • Name

  • CML

  • MDL Molfile V3000

  • MDL RXNfileV3000

  • MDL RGfile V3000

  • MDL SDfile

  • ChemAxon Compressed Molfile

  • ChemAxon Compressed SDfile

  • CDX File Format

  • SKC File Format

Image export


Image Export Parameters

  • Format: PNG, JPEG (JPG).

  • Zoom mode: Fit and autoshrink.

  • Background: For PNG format, transparent and white. For JPEG format, only white background is available.

  • Width in pixels.

  • Height in pixels.