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Click the title of the dialog to get more information about how it works and the available values which can be set.

Summary of the dialogs and their functions in Marvin JS

TitleWhat can you do in this dialog?Available from / by...
Abbreviated groups dialogChoose abbreviationAbbreviated group button
Space keyboard shortcut
Atom query properties dialogSet certain query properties on atomsAtom query properties button
. keyboard shortcut
Atom properties dialog in Marvin JSChange atom type
Set chemical atom properties
Set atom query properties
Atom context menu
Attached Data dialogAttach data to atom, bondAtom, Bond context menu
Bond properties dialog

Change bond type
Set topology
Set reacting center
Set stereo search flag

Bond context menu
Export dialogChoose exported file format
Check the text formatted source
Export button
Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut
Import dialogBrowse for files to import
Paste text source to open
Import button
Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut
Periodic table dialogChoose atom from the Periodic table
Set List/NOT list elements
Periodic table button
Pseudo atom dialogAdd pseudo atom titlePseudo atom button (at query atom combo box)
Repeating group dialog

Choose the repetition pattern
Add the repetition count
(Create Link node, Repeating unit, SRU)

Repeating group button
R-group dialogChange the R-group number
Set auto numbering ON/OFF
Clicking on R-group label
Clicking on R-group definition label
R-logic dialog

Set Occurrence and RestH values to R-groups

Empty space and R-group label context menus
Set box color dialogSet line color
Set background color
Graphical object context menu
Text dialogCreate text
Add symbols
Format text
Clicking on the canvas with active Text tool
View settings dialogChange display settingsView settings button

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