Convert Structures to Text

To convert structures to text, follow the below steps.

The Structure to Name license is needed to complete the InChi and IUPAC Name conversion processes. Contact [email protected] regarding this license.

  1. Select one or more cells, a whole column, or a whole row.

  2. Use the context menu to navigate to Convert > Convert to Text and select the desired textual format. The supported formats are as follows:

    • SMILES (also available through the ribbon)

    • Extended (ChemAxon) SMILES

    • SMARTS

    • Extended (ChemAxon) SMARTS

    • InChi

    • IUPAC Name

  3. The structures are converted to the selected textual format.


It is also possible to keep the original structures in the structure column and insert a new column for the strings.

To do this, set the value of Placement to InsertRight (instead of Replace) in Options > Actions > Convert From Structure.