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Mac and Windows upgrade

  • The Mac and Windows installer overwrites the file in its default location

The previously customized file should be saved to a backup before upgrading with the Mac and Windows installers, because these overwrite this configuration file in its default location.
After the upgrade the file (in the default ../cc-config/config folder) should be replaced with the saved config file.

Single check

  • 2D-Clean issue

Sometimes when NAME or SMILES is entered into the input box - and the 2D-Clean is slow - then the displayed structure is not 2D-Cleaned. This distorted structure image will appear even in the reports.
Clicking into the structure image the MarvinJS popup will already display the structure 2D-Cleaned. Or you can 2D-Clean it in MarvinJS by clicking the 2D-Clean button, or make any changes. When the structure image is acceptable for you then click OK in MarvinJS and Check on the Single check page.

File check

  • Cannot read molecule file

If the file contains an invalid structure record in the first 6 lines of the file then the File check fails with the following error:

In this case the file - that contains single-line format structures - still can be checked with the Extended search function, and the invalid structure will probably get passed - as a "Not found" text.

A more correct workaround can be to rename the file to CSV extension and still use the File check function. This will send the invalid structure to Error.

If the first 6 lines of the file do not contain invalid structure records then this file import error does not occur!

Report generation

  • Finished status

Sometimes the web interface does not show the real status, but usually this can be solved by a Page refresh or reloading the page with Ctrl+F5.

A new report was generated from an earlier batch check and Finished was displayed in the Generated reports section of the batch check Summary dropdown when the report generation was finished.

After a Page refresh the Download button and the Generated file name is displayed correctly.


  • Slow startup on Fedora based systems

On Fedora based systems (Fedora / RedHat / CentOS / etc) Java uses /dev/random to generate the seed of SecureRandom that is used to generate Session IDs. This causes a very slow first session generation on Compliance Checker services. You can change this value according to Oracle's documentation to have a faster but less safer SecureRandom seed.