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ChemCurator is a licensed product.

License types:

  • Full license
    It allows you to use all functions of ChemCurator including compound and Markush extraction functions.
    To request a full license key, contact
  • Compounds only license
    It allows you to use all compound extraction related functions of ChemCurator but no Markush features.
    To request a Compounds only license key, contact
  • Viewer only license
    It allows you to open and view any existing ChemCurator project, but you can't create new projects and can't modify the opened projects.
    To request a Viewer only license key, contact
  • Evaluation license
    For the evaluation license contact

Additional licenses for OSR support:

For OSR (optical structure recognition) additional CLiDE4ChemCurator or CLiDE Batch license required. CLiDE4ChemCurator is a discounted version of standard CLiDE Batch license limited only for ChemCurator desktop usage.  Alternatively separately installed OSRA or Imago can be used with limited functionality. For CLiDE4ChemCurator or CLiDE Batch license please contact to

Additional licenses for command-line mode:

For command-line mode (server side usage and batch processing) additional D2S license required beside of ChemCurator Full or Compounds only license. With installed  CLiDE Batch OSRA  or  Imago  OSR supported either in desktop and command-line mode. For D2S or CLiDE Batch license please contact to

Please check ChemAxon License Management  for additional details.