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  • Checker searches for bonds NOT matching the following rules:

    • Triple bond angle 180° (± 0.5 rad):
    • Double bond angle 120° or 180° (± 0.5 rad):
    • sp2 atom's bond angles 120°:
    • sp3 atom's bond angles 90°
      or 3 bond angles 120°, 4th bond of an angle of n times 15°;
      or a bond angle of 120° and two adjacent angles equal:
  • Fixers
    offers cleaning the structure by:
    • 2D clean or (clean);
    • partial clean (partialclean)

Example :

Bond Angle Checker (bondangle)Warning:Fix
Clean (clean)
Detect Bond Angle errorsex_bondangle_chex_bondangle_f

 The current version of bond angle checker examines chain bonds of 2D molecules. Envelope-shaped cyclic compounds are considered as error and partial clean is not available.