BioEddie Licensing

The license can be configured for BioEddie with the following steps:

  1. Consult with our Sales Team ([email protected] ) to obtain a valid BioEddie license

  2. Put the license file onto your web server (it is best to place the license to the same server which will serve BioEddie itself to avoid cross origin issues)
    e.g.: assume that your BioEddie url is https://your-company-name/bioeddie and the license file is put into the BioEddie root folder (so the license file is available at https://your-company-name/bioeddie-license.cxl )

  3. Set the licenseUrl parameter of the Config object of BioEddie to the previous URL

    var config = {
    licenseUrl: ' https://your-company-name/bioeddie-license.cxl '
    //... further config options


    var bioEddie = chemaxon.bioEddie(document.getElementById('bioeddie'), config);

    To find out more about how to integrate BioEddie see the BioEddie Developer's Guide section