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  • Checker searches for aliases in the structure.
  • Fixers:
    • converting alias to abbreviated group if the alias value corresponds to a group in the abbreviated group list * (aliastogroup);
    • converting alias to atom if the alias value corresponds to an element (e.g., Ar) (aliastoatom);
    • removing alias (revealing the atom under the alias) ** (removealias);
    • deleting the atom having alias information (removeatom).


Alias Checker (alias)Warning:Fix
Convert Alias to Group (aliastogroup)Convert to Atom (aliastoatom)Remove Alias (removealias)Delete Atom (removeatom)
Detect Aliasex_alias_chconvert ot groupconvert to atomex_alias_fremex_alias_fdel


"OMe" and "CL" were defined as alias. After converting "OMe" to methoxy group, the abbreviated group is linked correctly to the chain, i.e., bond through the oxygen atom.

*  User defined abbreviated groups  are also available to be applied as recognizable abbreviated group set. 
**  Alias only covers the atom, and fixer removes this alias from the original atom.