What's new in Chemaxon's Privacy Policy

    Note that the below list is published only for the purpose of informing you about the changes made in Chemaxon's Privacy Policy. Such information does not constitute the terms and conditions of Chemaxon's Privacy Policy themselves, neither substitutes nor affects the interpretation of the same. For terms and conditions to be applied, please read and follow Chemaxon's Privacy Policy. This list may not fully cover all changes made in the Chemaxon's Privacy Policy. Chemaxon shall assume no liability whatsoever for this. In case of any differences between this document and Chemaxon's Privacy Policy, Chemaxon's Privacy Policy shall prevail.

    The changes made in the Chemaxon's Privacy Policy on October 28, 2021 are as follows:

    1. Chemaxon does not collect and store personal data when you are using MarvinSketch (pre-wording for Minors).