History of changes: New features and improvements, bug fixes

    October 16th, 2020: JChem for Office 19.21.7 - LTS Europium.7 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.7 used.

    Bug Fixes

    • When copying a structure from MarvinSketch java or .NET to JChem for Office (Word, Powerpoint or Outlook), those Display and Scale settings were loaded in JChem for Office during editing, which were specified in MarvinSketch even after pressing the " Display " and/or " Scale " JChem ribbon buttons.

    July 27th, 2020: JChem for Office 19.21.6 - LTS Europium.6 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.6 used.

    May 29th, 2020: JChem for Office 19.21.5 - LTS Europium.5 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.5 used.

    Bug Fixes

    • After an Office update , editing a structure resulted in the increase of the structure size in JChem for Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook.

    • In JChem for Word and Outlook only 6 records and its multiples have been imported with default, "All in one table" layout.

    • A MarvinSketch .NET form resizing problem was fixed in ChemAxon .NET API. The issue has occurred in certain external applications.

    March 18th, 2020: JChem for Office 19.21.4 - LTS Europium.4 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.4 used.

    Bug Fixes

    • If Marvin OLE Server was not running as service, it could not start upon OLE edit/open/convert action.

    • There was a structure handling error in formatted Excel tables.

    • Structure Filter with substructure search gave wrong results when running on a formatted table.

    February 20th, 2020: JChem for Office 19.21.3 - LTS Europium.3 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.3 used.

    Bug Fixes

    • The Marvin editor opened up multiple times when double-clicking on a structure object in PowerPoint/Word.

    • If a workbook containing JChem for Excel functions was loaded, then closed, the VBA project explorer still listed it as an open workbook, and a new item appeared in the list for each open/close instance.

    • In some environments Marvin Sketch crashed in JChem for Office/Excel applications because of incorrect memory handling.

    December 10th, 2019: JChem for Office 19.21.2 - LTS Europium.2 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.2 used.

    October 28th, 2019: JChem for Office 19.21.1 - LTS Europium.1 release

    Marvin/JChem 19.21.1 used.

    New Features

    • The full feature set of JChem for Excel and Office is now supported in Microsoft Office 2019.

    • Now Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V supports the same workflows as ribbon Copy-Paste in case of standard JChem for Office structures (JCSYSStructure type in JChem for Excel).

    • A new button ( CompReg ID->Str ) has been introduced in the JChem for Excel ribbon to import structures by IDs directly from CompReg database. Parallel to this the Associate ID button has been renamed to ID->Structure to be more consistent with the new button.


    • File import process has been improved in cases when the chemical file format, for example, SMILES does not contain coordinates for the atoms, bonds, and so on, and 2D cleaning is necessary during the import process. The user can decide on the 2D Cleaning Confirmation dialog one by one or in bulk mode if the cleaning algorithm can eliminate special stereo information.

    • IKVM, the 3rd party tool that converts the java-based codebase to .NET to create .NET APIs (for example, JChem.NET) and .NET applications (for example, MarvinSketch.NET) has been upgraded to version

    • The Delete button has been removed from the JChem ribbon in Word, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Use the Delete key instead.

    Bug Fixes

    • When a structure, which was added to the document in CDX format was edited with ChemDraw, the modified image was a bit smaller than the original one.

    • JChemExcel add-in now starts loading in cases when there are no JCSYSStructure functions yet in the workbook, only other types of structure functions, for example, JCStructure, JCIDSYSStructure.

    • It was not possible to convert a special type of ChemDraw for Excel file format to JChem for Excel format.

    • There was a small issue in OLE object editing after pasting the object to JChem for PowerPoint.

    • Cartridge search was enabled on a view, which was created from a tabled where cartridge search was not enabled.

    • Import Format options (General, Date, Currency, Number, Text) in Import from Database and Import by IDs dialogs had no effect on the imported structure format on the Excel sheet.

    • An incomplete warning message was displayed after converting structures to text and vice versa.

    • When importing formats, which need 2DClean, for example, SMILES, CXSMILES, or IUPAC name, 2DClean related error message appeared in some cases.

    • When an image was selected in Word, adding a new structure overwrote the image.

    • The structure filter gave an error if the target column contained the molecule structure in merged cells.

    • The structure was overwritten when Microsoft Excel's AutoFilter and JChem for Excel's Structure Filter functionality was used alternatively.

    • From Text was not working in formatted tables with the Insert Right option.

    • Content of an .mrv file in text format, which doesn't contain scale information could not be pasted correctly (not as text) into Marvin .NET canvas and all JChem for Office applications.

    • Content of a .mol file in text format, even if the first row is empty could not be pasted correctly (not as text) into Marvin .NET canvas and all JChem for Office applications.

    • SMILES could not be pasted correctly (not as text) into Marvin .NET canvas and all JChem for Office applications.

    • Text copy with Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V worked only with double button press if the Ctrl+C-Ctrl+V runs JChem for Office Copy/Paste option has been set to True.

    • Double-clicking in a new email message in Outlook, the JChem for Office splash screen came up for a second, even if no JC4O functions/features have been used.

    • In some rare Windows 10 environments, JChem for Excel ribbon grayed out after installation.

    • When exporting a file that contained a cell with more than 32k characters the content of the cell itself did not export.

    • Numbers did not display with the same number of decimals when copying together structures with data from Excel to Word/Powerpoint/Outlook with Ctrl+C and pasting with Ctrl+V.

    • Unable to construct Marvin editor control message appeared when launching JChem for Outlook with Optimize for best appearance user interface option.