General Toolbar in MarvinSketch

    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/select-rectangle24.png Rectangle Selection Allows selection in rectangle mode on mouse drag.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/select-lasso24.png Lasso Selection Allows selection in lasso mode on mouse drag.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/select-structure24.png Structure Selection Allows selection in structure selection mode on mouse drag. With this selection mode only whole fragments can be selected.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/delete-mode24.png Erase Removes all structures upon selection.
    Undo Reverses the last command or the last entry you typed.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/redo24.png Redo Reverses the action of the last Undo command.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/cut24.png Cut Removes and copies the selection to the clipboard.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/copy240.png Copy Copies the selection to the clipboard.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/paste24.png Paste Inserts the contents of the clipboard at the location of the cursor, without replacing selection.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/check-structure24.png Check Structure Checks and corrects chemical structures. See Structure Checker User's Guide for more details.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/zoom-in24.png Zoom In Increases the canvas's magnification.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/zoom-out24.png Zoom Out Decreases the canvas's magnification.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/zoomtool.png Zoom Tool Changes the canvas's magnification to a specific value. It can also do autoscale using named values: All, Selection. This is supplemented with 'Scaffold' and R-group(s) when there is a defined R-group on the canvas.
    images/download/thumbnails/5317614/help24.png Help Contents Shows MarvinSketch User's Guide.