New Features in IJC Q3 2016

    Improved confusing connection encryption usability

    The setting is now available in schema editor (ie. the security section) for users with admin privilege.

    Improvement of Japanese characters printing

    Japanese characters are now printed correctly even when in header.

    Improvement of query on date and time

    For datetime fields there is now available time component for setting hours - minutes - seconds. Changed behavior of date operators equals, before and between for date, without time. Equals loads correctly hits with all same date. Before and between now includes to the hits also last day.

    Added support for multiple extra fields in MolMatrix widget

    Values from multiple fields are now possible to display under structures in MolMatrix widget.


    Download document action added to Browser widget

    It is now possible to download the documents from OracleDB via WebBrowserWidget.

    Reload data action improvement

    'Reload Data' (F5) action now re-runs the last query in addition to just dropping the caches. This makes sure that the displayed records reflect correctly the state of the underlying database tables.

    Alternative way of displaying child data in a convergent relationship

    Added a possibility to toggle displaying of of all data or only relevant data in entities in convergent relationships to parent entity. More details in documentation QueryBuilder-convergent.

    AdminTool improvement

    AdminTool now supports PostgreSQL database.