Menus tab


    By choosing a menu from the Menus list, the contents of the selected menu will be listed in the Menu Contents.

    With selecting a menu entry, its detailed help text will appear in the Details field. If a black triangle can be seen on the right side of a menu entry than the entry is a Submenu.

    To list the contents of the submenu, select it from the Menus list.

    List of the available menu commands

    New Creates a new menu and places it at the end of the Menu Bar.
    Menu > Move Allows altering the position of main menus.
    Menu > Rename Renaming a menu in an appearing dialog.
    Menu > Delete Removes a menu with all of its contents.

    List of the available menu contents commands

    Add Makes the above Add Commands dialog visible, where you can browse all available commands of MarvinSketch. The commands are organized to Categories, and are listed in alphabetical order.
    Move Up/Down Moves a menu element by one position in the container menu.
    Modify > Add Submenu Adds a new submenu after the currently selected element.
    Modify > Begin a Group Adds a menu separator after the currently selected element.
    Modify > Rename Renames a sumbenu or menu element. You can also change the mnemonics by replacing the & sign in the name.
    Modify > Delete Removes the menu element or submenu.