Installation of MarvinView

    Download the package according to your platform from one of these links and follow the instructions below:

    Windows7 and upper versions

    If you have a 64-bit Windows, you can choose both the normal (32-bit) MarvinSuite installer or its 64-bit version.

    The following table helps you to choose which installer can you use on your platform.

    Installer 32-bit Windows 64-bit Windows
    with 32-bit Java with 32-bit Java with 64-bit Java
    Installer - 32 bitMarvin_windows_XXXX.exe images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/check.svg images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/check.svg images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/error.svg
    Installer - 64 bitMarvin_windows-x64_XXXX.exe images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/error.svg images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/error.svg images/s/en_US/8100/6512c1e2a41cdf14570641b46bd2fe3eaeb38d03/_/images/icons/emoticons/check.svg

    {primary} From version 19.1. 64bit Marvin installers with bundled OpenJDK11 is also available.

    {primary} When Marvin installed with no Java bundled is used on a HiDPI monitor and the version of actually installed Java 9+ you may need to manually make an additional setting on Windows. Without it you may experience weird text handling in text boxes and can expect other glitches too.

    Marvin installed via installer package having Java 11 bundled has this property already set, so you do not need to do anything in addition

    Setting manually the HiDPI properties

    • Right-click on shortcut/icon of MarvinSketchr.

    • Properties

    • Select Compatibility tab

    • Change High DPI Settings

    • High DPI scaling Override section

    • Tick the checkbox and select System in the drop-down menu

    OLE support

    {primary} Please note that the OLE technology is not supported by Microsoft anymore, we recommend JChemforOffice for in-place structure editing, data analyzing, visualizing and reporting in MS Office environment.

    Alternatively use .NET Marvin component installed on your machine.

    32-bit Windows

    1. Double-click on Marvin_windows_XXXX.exe to install.

    2. You can add the bin folder to the PATH environment variable to be able to run Marvin applications from any directory in the command line. Details about editing environment variables is described in Windows Help.

    {primary} Notes

    • Please  **make sure to close all running Marvin applications before starting the installer**  otherwise it may not be able to perform the installation correctly (overwriting certain `.jar` files is not possible if they are being used by a running application).

      Running applications may include:

      •     Marvin desktop applications
      •     MS-Office documents where Marvin Objects are being edited
      •     Running applications where Marvin is embedded, like Instant JChem

      If the installation stops and an error popup is displayed, check the running processes in Windows Task Manager: if marvinOLEServer.exe is running, please stop it manually. This may occur when an MS-Office document is just using Marvin.

    • You can run the installer in  **silent/non-interactive mode** , which means that in case Marvin is already installed, it will be overwritten with the update without the need of checking the "OK" and "Next" buttons on the installer dialogs. To enable this mode, use the `-q` option (for example open the command prompt with `cmd.exe` and type "`marvinbeans-5_3_0.exe -q`").

    64-bit Windows

    System requirements: 64-bit Windows system having an installed Java for 64-bit architecture.

    1. After downloading marvin_windows-x64_XX.XX.exe , take a double-click on the downloaded file (accept running if Windows expects verification).

    2. Installer is started: go through the installation wizard. The installer will setup the 64-bit version of JChem_NET_API automatically (that is wrapped into the installer)

    {primary} Notes

    • JChem_NET_API is required to be able to insert Marvin OLE (embedded object) into MS-Office document or transfer it between Marvin and the MS-Office applications.
    • Earlier versions of MS-Office suites are not available in 64-bit format. If your Office does not support 64-bit platform, you cannot use the OLE functionality of 64-bit version of Marvin. In this case, install 32-bit version of Marvin Beans and JChem_NET_API that can incorporate with 32-bit Office applications.
    • When you edit an embedded Marvin Object in Office, the editor can be different depending on the platform.
      •     MS-Office 32-bit requires 32-bit JChem .NET API for Marvin embedding. It uses 32-bit .NET implementation of MarvinSketch unless 32-bit Marvin Beans package is installed. In this case, it prefers the 32-bit Java implementation.
      •     MS-Office 64-bit requires 64-bit JChem .NET API for Marvin embedding. The 64-bit .NET implentation of MarvinSketch is used in all cases.

    MAC OS X Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave

    {primary} From version 19.1 Marvin installer with bundled openjdk11 is also available.

    1. Double-click marvinbeans-VERSION-macos.dmg to install.

    2. You can add the bin folder of the Marvin Suite folder to the PATH to be able to run Marvin applications from any directory in command line.


    • Requires Mac OS X 10.0 or later
    • The compressed installer should be recognized by Stuffit Expander and should automatically be expanded after downloading. If it is not expanded, you can expand it manually using StuffIt Expander 6.0 or later.
    • If you have any problems launching the installer once it has been expanded, make sure that the compressed installer was expanded using Stuffit Expander. If you still have problems, please contact our technical support.
    • You can run the installer in  **silent/non-interactive mode** , which means that in case Marvin is already installed, it will be overwritten with the update without the need of confirmation. To enable this mode, use the `-q` option.

    Linux / Solaris Debian LTS, Redhat latest, CentOS latest, Ubuntu LTS


    • If the installer does not start, check whether  **JAVA_HOME/bin**  is in PATH (where JAVA_HOME is the directory of Java).

      To check it, type the " which java " command that shows the location of the Java launcher. You should get something like this:


      If Java is missing from PATH, you will see something like that:

      /usr/bin/which: no java in (/usr/java/jdk1.6/bin:/opt/apache-ant-1.6.1/bin:/usr/kerberos/bin:/usr/local/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin:/home/vertset/bin)
    • You can run the installer in  **silent/non-interactive mode** , which means that in case Marvin is already installed, it will be overwritten with the update without the need of confirmation. To enable this mode, use the `-q` option. If you are in terminal mode (GUI is not accessible), we recommend to use this option.

    {warning} Application crashes with java virtual machine error on Linux systems when File>Document Style > Settings is opened. Uninstalling ttf-unifont package or updating Java to the latest version can eliminate the problem.

    {primary} From version 19.1 Marvin installers (Debian and RedHat distribuition) with bundled openjdk11 are also available.

    How to uninstall?

    Use the uninstaller to remove MarvinSuite from your machine:

    • Windows: Double click on uninstall.exe in the MarvinSuite's home folder or select ChemAxon MarvinSuite xx.xx from the Add / Remove programs list on Control Panel .

    • OS X: Double click on ChemAxon MarvinSuite Uninstaller in the MarvinSuite's home directory.

    • Linux / Solaris: Launch the uninstall script in the MarvinSuite's home directory.

    The MarvinSuite package for .NET platform can be downloaded from this link.