Five generic templates are available from the Templates toolbar. *

    images/download/attachments/5310970/image2015-2-11_11_21_10.png Pyrrole
    images/download/attachments/5310970/image2015-2-11_11_21_54.png Cyclopentane
    images/download/attachments/5310970/image2015-2-11_11_22_29.png Cyclopentane (house)
    images/download/attachments/5310970/image2015-2-11_11_21_36.png Cyclohexane
    images/download/attachments/5310970/image2015-2-11_11_22_17.png Benzene

    images/download/attachments/5311263/image2015-2-11_14_32_6.png How to create a template to a clear place

    Select the appropriate template from the Template toolbar, then left-click on the canvas, where you would like to put the structure. The template appears on the canvas.

    ***** Please take in consideration that the templates can vary depending on custom settings.

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