The Plexus Suite Dashboard

    Plexus Suite tools and database views are now available from the landing page.


    You can configure the dashboard from the Admin Tools > Dashboard Configuration dialog, where the following settings are available:

    • Customizable area on Dashboard allows admins to create space on dashboard with adjustable content like comments, short descriptions, warnings, ...

      • Since version 18.1.0., has been this option improved. Now is possible to add pictures, links and change background colour.
    • Direct access Access to all views, recent views, favorite views;

    • No dashboard: Turning the list of views and the customizable area OFF automatically opens the first view in the list of views and no dashboard is available for the users.


    Also, Plexus Connect administrator can use the relevant business flag to enable the project view on Dashboard, which allows filtering of views based on the IJC schema of origin.