SF-006 Deep links

    Namespace: synergy/deeplinks Last updated: 1.11.2018


    Deep links is an optional feature providing quick access urls of the application. These links are for example shown on the users application page in Synergy.


    Application info uses synergy/deeplinks namespace with links attribute. Example

        namespace: "synergy/deeplinks", 
        attributes: {
            links: [{name: "Register new compound", url: "http://localhost:8102/client/index.html#/registration"},
                    {name: "Upload file", url: "http://localhost:8102/client/index.html#/upload"}
                    {name: "Staging area", url: "http://localhost:8102/client/index.html#/staging?tab=allSubmissions"}]
    • links - is an array of objects containing the name of the link and URL pointing to the deeper url location of the application than the root address.