Marvin Live history of changes

    To see the available package versions before installing, you may use:

    user:~$ npm info marvin-live


    • in overview mode, selection of snapshots can be applied during export

    • remember last used export format and pre-select it on subsequent exports

    • added a reminder that displays the location of deleted snapshots

    • in overview mode, snapshots can be filtered and sorted based on creation date

    • MarvinJS updated to v18.13.0


    • snapshotField type multienum is now available

    • fix: allow increasing nodejs memory limits

    • text fields can now be sorted in overview mode

    • searching among rooms is not limited by the number of rooms in the system anymore

    • display (shared) tag on rooms that are private but were accessed by a user with a valid invitation

    • systemHelp key is now available in config.json to introduce additional help links in the top right corner menu

    • MarvinJS updated to v18.12.0


    • fix: crash when pinned structure is deleted

    • fix: allow clearing incomplete measurements without a last atom selected

    • in the protein-ligand viewer, pi pi stacking and hydrophobic contact controls are merged

    • in the protein-ligand viewer, ctrl+drag rotates the scene around z-axis (perpedicular to the camera)


    • Protein-ligand viewer has improved handling of ligands for surface calculation

    • email invitation text has improved wording about access to the application

    • fix: duplicate room name causes snapshot importer to fail

    • MarvinJS updated to 18.4.0


    • very large molecules have improved performance with realtime collaboration features

    • browser API now has improved error handling for all API methods to prevent problems in the main application caused by plugins

    • fix: <pager> component sometimes doesn't initialize to page 1

    • MarvinJS updated to 18.3.0


    • realtime plugin settings are now shared with overview plugins

    • MarvinJS's abbrevgroup settings can now be adjusted in Marvin Live's config.json

    • <pager> component available in plugins to add pagination to results
    • rooms in the lounge are now sorted by each user's activity in them

    • rooms in the lounge now display a notification when there's content they haven't seen yet

    • private rooms shared with others now display the tag "This is a shared room"

    • MarvinJS updated to 18.1.0

    • SIGTERM process signal is now handled, gracefully closing all database connections and exiting the application as soon as possible

    • fix: context menus are closed when right clicking outside


    • reactions and Markushes can now be analyzed, allowing components or enumerates to be examined with realtime plugins

    • greatly reduced idle memory usage of the application by offloading work the database

    • https connections are used by the builting Alignment plugins to access

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.30.0


    • realtime plugins can now be disabled automatically when Markush or reactions are drawn in the chemical editor

    • fix: a previous component upgrade caused performance issues with large molecules on the canvas


    • public rooms now open in overview mode by default

    • it is now possible to migrate stored tasks to additional field

    • snapshotFields configuration now replaces the additionalSnapshotFields configuration allowing removing the previously hardcoded "Task" field

    • secret_key configuration is now deprecated in favor of the secretKey configuration

    • aggregate anonymous statistics can now be gathered about usage of the application

    • export plugins can now return a link to be opened automatically by specifying returnType: "link"

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.29.0


    • MarvinJS updated to 17.28.0


    • export plugins that generate a message can now specify a template or templateFile and return objects to display rich HTML results

    • keyboard shortcuts c, r, l and k added to the 3D viewer to center, reset, center on the ligand and to enable a rocking animation

    • fix image scaling issue in IE11 where molecule images were distorted when scaling columns down

    • attendee lists have been moved to the top toolbar, with a new button added that displays all previous attendees and their colors

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.26.0


    • this is the last version of Marvin Live compatible with NodeJS v4

    • overview mode now automatically fills gaps in calculated data obtained through plugins when new snapshots are saved

    • private room invitations are now stored in the database, the original invitation link is no longer necessary to gain access

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.25.0


    • sorted values in overview are highlighted and visualized with mini barcharts to help track the numbers changing

    • text filters in overview can be augmented by , (OR operation) and ! (negate operation)

    • MarvinJS's templates, display settings and service-based can be configured, and snapshot images generated by MarvinJS now reflect these settings

    • room list for snapshot importing has been improved with search capabilities

    • fixed realtime plugins with charts that couldn't be shrunk with column resizing

    • LDAP CA file couldn't be ready by tlsOptions

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.24.0


    • download location of Marvin Live changed to a new npm repository, please review the installation guide and the ChemAxon public repository documents for details

    • MarvinJS is now automatically focused when entering a room to allow quick pasting from the clipboard

    • the <threedee> component available for protein - ligand visualization now supports surface rendering, has updated coloring schemes, keyboard shortcuts and greatly improved performance

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.23.0


    • columns of realtime plugins can now be resized at the top of each column

    • commenting panel is now collapsed by default in the bottom right corner of the screen

    • private rooms are now the default


    • snapshot picker dialog layout fixed in Internet Explorer 11

    • greatly improved room loading performance

    • simplified the editor overwriting dialog when loading molecules from snapshots or plugin results

    • Marvin JS and the realtime plugin panel can now be vertically and horizontally resized

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.22.0


    • improve grid alignment and spacing around molecule images in realtime plugins

    • login session expiry now uses a rolling window instead of a fixed 24 hour window

    • rooms can be switched between private and public visibility

    • enabled realtime plugins are now visually distinguished from the rest of the options

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.21.0


    • the login prompts and the lounge had its looks refreshed with inline error messages, improved keyboard shortcut support,

    • the builtin Pubchem analogs search example now supports switching to similarity search

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.18.0


    • comments panel and Marvin JS can be resized at the corner in both horizontal and vertical direction at the same time

    • 3D viewer component now automatically sets the zoom level to accommodate the contents

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.17.0


    • snapshots now cannot be saved if text fields are in invalid state (see installation guide)

    • error log about an incorrect servicesDirectory will now be printed only once


    • realtime plugins can be executed with higher degree of parallelism by configuring maxRunningJobs

    • greatly reduced the time needed for loading the application for the first time, especially over slow networks

    • comments panel has been moved to the bottom right corner as a resizable and collapsable panel

    • Marvin JS can be now horizontally and vertically resized by opening the Change layout menu


    • rooms with a long history of molecule changes now load dramatically faster


    • responsiveness of the user interface has been greatly improved while realtime plugins are loading

    • new pager component is available to realtime plugin templates

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.15.0


    • realtime plugins can be reorded into any number of columns on the user interface by opening the Change layout menu

    • realtime plugins wait with displaying results while the molecule is still changing

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.13.0


    • multiple selection is now possible in realtime plugin settings with multienum type

    • general performance improvements and layout fixes in Internet Explorer 11

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.12.0


    • snapshot IDs can be now be filtered and sorted


    • general performance improvements in rooms with hundreds of snapshots


    • show automatically saved snapshotdata on snapshot details dialog

    • performance improvements in rooms with hundreds of snapshots

    • increase the number of snapshots displayed in overview mode by 1 column

    • fix Firefox displaying a reconnection message while a report is downloaded

    • general performance improvements in Internet Explorer 11

    • MarvinJS updated to 17.8.0


    • snapshots can now be deleted from the right click menu, and restored from the trash, in both Design and Overview mode

    • fixed the display of commentstreams in Internet Explorer 11 or older

    • fixed the first Molecule search in Overview mode for every room, where it failed to display its results

    • Marvin JS updated to 17.5.0


    • property boxes can now be arranged in multiple columns in Design mode


    • very long user names no longer break different parts of the layout

    • Marvin JS updated to 17.4.23


    • private rooms can now be renamed, made public and deleted from the lounge

    • fixed the MRV exporter not showing a proper file open preview in desktop MarvinSketch

    • maximum value of filtering properties was not used in Overview for numerical properties


    • builtin exporter tools like PPTX and SDF can now be customized through config.json. See the install guide for details

    • added support for passing certificate files to tlsOptions in ldap authentication setup. See the install guide for details

    • performance improvements when an Overview has more than 200 snapshots

    • molecule importer now shows the progress of data processing for very large files


    • structure-data option added to realtime plugin templates that specify additional metadata when snapshotting the molecule. See the developer guide for further details

    • fixed a memory leak occuring when the same user frequently reconnects to the application through network quality issues

    • Marvin JS updated to 17.2.27


    • remote license locations starting with http:// or https:// are now supported

    • when no ligand is selected from a PDB file, whitespace is now removed from the generated ligands codes in the builtin Alignment tool

    • copy solution refactored to not require Flash in the browser. This drops support in older browsers, in particular Safari 8

    • Marvin JS updated to 17.1.30


    • NodeJS v4 or newer is now required to run Marvin Live

    • added support wildcard patterns to specify license files (e.g.: /licenses/*.cxl)

    • added support for ML_ prefixed environmental variables to define configuration - overriding any values for the same parameter in config.json. (see install guide / configuration for details)

    • a new selection button has been added to Overview, to easily change the selection status of all snapshots


    • this is the last version of Marvin Live to support NodeJS v0.12.x

    • added support for NodeJS 6.9 LTS on Windows 2016 Server

    • RedHat / CentOS 6.x releases going forward will require GCC packages during installation. Please see the install guide for more details.


    • realtime plugins are now called using a last in, first out queue / a stack, instead of parallel calls, resulting in more even loads on remote services

    • realtime plugins now automatically skip update() calls to molecules that have been edited while the update() call was waiting in the queue, resulting in fewer requests to remote services

    • fixed many issues related to reconnecting after session timeout or switching authentication domains

    • Marvin JS updated to 16.10.17


    • added the ability to sort and filter snapshots in overview mode on data collected with realtime plugins

    • when copying snapshots between rooms, attached data keeps its structure, instead of being flattened to a single "Uploaded" group

    • removed the limitation on maximum number of displayed data fields on snapshots in overview mode

    • a configuration option additionalSnapshotFields has been added to attach metadata fields to snapshots (e.g.: Series, Assignee, Status)


    • fixed an issue when after changing authenticated domain, comments would appear multiple times in the chat log

    • the configuration options deleteUnusedRooms, databaseCleanupInterval, saveReportOnDelete can now be specified per authentication domain overriding any global setting


    • fixed an issue in Firefox for Windows and Safari where comments didn't appear on slow connections


    • a new plugin type has been introduced for automatic SQL backup for snapshots: storage plugins. Please review the developer guide for further details.

    • the configuration option secret_key can now be specified as secretKeyas well. The old name will continue to be supported.


    • the built-in protein-ligand viewer has been greatly improved with

      • visibility toggles and display settings for chains, ligands, key residues and solvents in a scene

      • angle measurement tools when 3 atoms are selected

      • 10x faster loading speed even for larger proteins


    • upgraded LDAP authentication library for support of a wider range of Active Directory versions


    • minor bug fixes


    • the login page and lounge has new design, with clearly separated invitations and search capability for longer room lists


    • improve URL generation throughout the application when the Marvin Live server is behind a proxy server

    • adjust position of button tooltips close to the edge of the screen to make sure they're always readable


    • the Overview mode now displays reported data on each snapshot's card. Up to 5 data fields can be selected for display

    • dropped support for Internet Explorer 9 and Opera version before 15

    • small tweaks on the layout to prevent the scrollbar from flickering


    • data points in reports are now ordered the same way as on the user interface

    • built-in office report formats now have adjustable date and time locales (see example pptx.customdate.export.js for an example)


    • fixed an issue where the first snapshot’s image was not displayed in some cases

    • fixed the layout of dropdowns in realtime plugin configuration panels

    • fixed an issue where calculation results would show from the previous room, when switching rooms


    • reports with built in chemical file formats (MRV, SDF, SMILES) now include extra property fields: Snapshot ID, room name, room link

    • built in PowerPoint reports now include an Overview slide that shows all snapshots in a 4x2 grid

    • built in PowerPoint report now includes a link to the original room

    • the 3D viewer now supports downloading data from within using the downloadData and downloadFilename attributes


    • fixed a number of memory leaks in the 3D viewer, partly regressions with the previous release

    • fixed an issue where snapshot images disappeared after reloading the webpage

    • realtime plugins can now have dynamic values for their settings (watch: true)

    • Marvin JS updated to v16.2.22


    • significantly improved the loading speed of large protein structures in the 3D viewer


    • added support for Red Hat / CentOS 6.4


    • pinned structures now automatically remain in place when creating a snapshot, and a new delete button is available to remove them as needed


    • improved the loading speed of the browser application by 40-70%

    • make sure the session database respects the databaseLocation configuration setting

    • fixed a memory leak when repeatedly leaving and joining rooms

    • Marvin JS updated to v16.1.4


    • realtime plugin can now have user controlled settings, including toggles, file uploads, combo boxes (developer guide)


    • SPDY support has been temporarily disabled, due to ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY errors in Chrome and Firefox

    • file and room import dialogs have been redesigned to make it easier to select data fields to keep


    • The recommended NodeJS runtime has been changed from 0.10.x to 0.12.x. Please upgrade your NodeJS engine!

    • an Overview mode is now available, snapshots can be managed, to focus exported dataset

    • blue colors are no longer assigned as user color

    • full list of exporter plugins are now exposed to exporter plugins to allow easily chaining them

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.11.16


    • the attendee list has been moved to just above the chemical editor, its looks have been updated to include user colors, and it switches to show initials only when the number of people reaches a certain threshold

    • atoms and bonds are now highlighted to remote users when adding or changing them in the chemical editor

    • tooltips are now available throughout the application that explain functionality where buttons only show an icon

    • invitations are now available to private rooms with URLs available from the Share & Invite menu, that authorized users of the system can use

    • added an option to disable creating public rooms (install guide)

    • changed the support email address available in the About dialog

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.11.2


    • chat messages containing invitations to Gotomeeting, Webex, Livemeeting, Lync, Teamviewer, Hangout and Skype discussions are now highlighted in the toolbar


    • fixed a bug introduced in 15.9.16 that prevented Marvin JS’s clean/conversion requests from reaching JChem Web Services

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.9.21


    • changed the design of the room on the lounge screen when being invited

    • added an About dialog to the user menu with version information


    • removed requirements for compilers and Python during installation


    • added right click option to snapshots with Copy, Load and Pin options

    • added option to hide the domain picklist from the login screen to protect the name of various projects or partners (install guide)


    • added option to specify file name for export plugins (developer guide)

    • snapshots now display their order (e.g. #1) and these numbers can be referenced and highlighted in comments


    • added option to configure Marvin JS’s display settings (install guide)


    • added option to export plugins that allow returning a message instead of a file (developer guide)

    • added option to real time plugins that simplify specifying the HTML template (developer guide)

    • made domain and roomName available to plugins in the this execution context variable for export and real time plugins


    • added the ability to create private rooms that only their creator can access, this feature can be disabled with the appropriate option (user guide, install guide)

    • fix download of meeting reports in Safari, for some formats the file got “.html” added to their filenames

    • fix meeting reports where the comments didn’t show up next to the last snapshot of a report

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.6.29


    • added the ability to select and display data fields from uploaded files

    • fixed the file uploader to allow uploading the same file multiple times

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.6.15


    • added structure directive that allows realtime plugin templates to define a right click context menu

    • added /status page for administrators to get basic information about the application’s status

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.6.1


    • fixed the SDF uploader, in some cases it only loaded 1 structure on the GUI

    • changed icons used throughout the GUI to a more consistent icon set

    • moved the corporate ID resolver button to below the sketcher

    • improved the logic of errors displayed on the corporate ID resolver


    • after a restart, real time services now only initialize when a user joins a room to prevent overloading external services

    • merged the “Copy” and “Upload” menus into a single “Import” menu to clarify their use

    • fixed a display issue where meeting participant names would break the layout when not fitting a single line

    • fixed a display issue that prevented the LDAP display name from appearing on the login screen

    • added JSON upload capability to the upload API (URL integration)

    • added a new allowCrossOriginUploads option to enable browsers sending chemical files from different domains (install guide)

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.5.4


    • added a new exporter option: SDF exporter, available when converterService option is configured

    • added a Share button to the top right toolbar to invite others to a meeting room

    • fixed a regression, where the Copy from room list wouldn’t display correctly

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.4.20


    • fixed 3 issues related to license handling

    • 3D visualizer updated with new color scheme for alignment results, atom to atom distance measuring, the ability to keep view rotation and zoom settings when switching between molecules, and highlighting of atoms and bonds selected in Marvin JS

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.4.13


    • added option to specify GUI order of real time plugins with sortOrder property (developer guide)

    • added API endpoint to send chemical files from external applications into Marvin Live (URL integration)

    • enable bookmarkable URLs when no authentication is configured

    • fix highlighting room name in the lounge, when the room name contains “/” characters

    • 3D visualizer will display molecule with CPK coloring if no atom/bond sets are defined for red-green coloring

    • improve support of Node JS 0.12

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.4.6


    • raise limit of files that can be uploaded or copied from other rooms, from 20 to 100

    • snapshots in PowerPoint reports can now be edited with JChem for Office and indexed with JChem for SharePoint

    • print uncaught errors from all plugin types to standard output

    • force Internet Explorer on intranet sites to use Edge Mode

    • fix multiplied client-server connections after disconnecting temporarily from the server

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.3.30


    • installer included incorrect version for a bundled tool causing problems on start, this has been corrected


    • update URL in the browser address bar to reflect the current room used

    • direct user to the room specified in the URL

    • add themeOverrides option to customize the theme of web client through an external CSS file (details)

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.3.23


    • fix progress bar showing sometimes after a property box updated

    • fix property box updating twice when a pinned structure is set

    • fix creating a new room by hitting Enter

    • add pushpin icon to pinned structure's top left corner

    • improve layout and visibility by adding depth to pinned structures and the editor


    • added the name of authenticated domain and a logout button to the lounge

    • changed the design and layout of room selector

    • login page now shows Logging in... for lengthy authentication

    • reorganized the buttons in the top toolbars

    • when running marvin live on https port 443, automatically redirect from http port 80

    • when logging in through LDAP, fetch the user's given name when specifying searchAttributes (details)

    • add calculation results to MS Word report

    • Marvin JS updated to v15.3.9


    • added option to load molecules from another meeting room

    • pick molecules to load when importing from file or another meeting room


    • new configuration option: databaseLocation (details), configure where persistent storage is located

    • new configuration option: deleteUnusedRooms (details), automatically remove unused meeting rooms after a period of inactivity

    • new configuration option: saveReportOnDelete (details), automatically save a copy of the meeting report on the disk before a meeting room is deleted


    • add pinned structure to realtime plugins as a second optional parameter

    • improve titles for uploaded structures in ppt and doc reports


    • update Marvin JS

    0.25 - jan 19

    • round numbers added to Powerpoint slides in the default exporter

    • add embedded database that stores meeting rooms and all data within (details)

    0.24 - jan 9

    • add missing license public key to distributable

    0.23 - jan 5, 2016

    • allow importing SDF in resolver plugins

    0.22 - dec 19

    • add SPDY support in HTTPS mode (details)

    0.21 - dec 17

    0.20 - dec 15

    • add resolver plugin system (details)

    • increase firefox support to firefox 10 and newer

    0.19 - dec 10

    • add SAML authentication (details)