Introduction to Java Web Start

    The MarvinSketch, MarvinView and MarvinSpace applications can be launched via the Internet using the Java Web Start technology.

    If Java Web Start is not installed on your machine, please click here to download Java Web Start.

    If you did not have Java environment installed before the Java Web Start, you have to reboot your machine.

    For users of Netscape 6 and higher or Mozilla 1.x web browsers manual setting is also needed. Please set up the Java Web Start MIME type JNLP in the Edit->Preferences->Navigator-> Helper Applications section.

    To do this:

    • Open the Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Helper Applications menu

    • Click on New Type... button and fill the fields:

      File extension: jnlp
      Mime type: application/x-java-jnlp-file
      Application to use: JAVAWEBSTART_HOME/javaws/javaws

    Click here for more information about the installing process.