By turning on the e-mail notifications option the user can get feedback about his/her activity (bulk upload and individual registration as well) from the sender's address.

    Since CompReg version: 19.13.0-1907171250

    Upon assigning a submission to a user, an e-mail is sent to inform the new assignee.

    {primary} Before the e-mail settings configuration please visit the Users page and set up an e-mail address for the user(s) who are about to receive the notification after the actions.

    E-mail templates are available for:

    1. Bulk upload reports: The following variables can be used in the template after attemptSummary:

      library: It is e.g LIBRARY_1, LIBRARY_2. This is an identifier for a bulk uploaded file. It can be seen in the Upload page and Submission page.

      startDate: Start date of the upload.

      endDate: End date of the upload.

      successCount: Number of successfully registered compounds.

      failedCount: Number of failed compounds.

      NOTE: Counts above may sometimes not indicate the correct number, because of asynchronous registrations. The bulk upload summary page will always show accurate counts.

      From version 19.21.2-2001241202 a new variable is available to be used in the bulk upload notification email template: ${attemptSummary.uploadId}.

      If you change ${attemptSummary.attemptId}) to (${attemptSummary.uploadId}) in the ' E-mail template for bulk upload report' there will be the id of the submission the e-mail notification:

      Registration attempt (id of the submission) finished.

      If you change ${attemptSummary.attemptId}) to (http:// ...server address.... /client/${attemptSummary.uploadId}) there will be a link to the submission in the e-mail notification:

      Registration attempt (link to the submission) finished.

    2. Individual registrations: The following variables can be used in the template:

      pcn: PCN - Parent Compound Number

      cn: CN - Compound Number

      lnbref: LnbRef -Acronym for (Electronic) Laboratory NoteBook (LNB) Reference

      lotid: A number representing the lot

      status: Submission status (e.g Invalid LnbRef)

      message: Message in case of failed registration. e.g LnbRef is not valid according to the regular expressions.

      userid: The user who initiated the registration

      creatorid: The submitter of the compound

      source: e.g Registrar

      created: Date when the registration was initiated

      submissiontype = e.g. AutoRegister, AdvancedRegister

    3. Submission assignments: The following variables can be used in the template:

      actor: Who did the assignment.

      assignedOn: When the assignment happened.

      submissionId: Link to the submission. e.g.baseUrl+/client/index.html#/submission?submissionId=66

      id: From version 19.21.2-2001241202 you can use this to create your own link to the submission. You can change this: ${submissionId} to this: http:// ...server link..../client/index.html#/submission?submissionId=${id} to get link to the submission.

      previousAssignee: Previous assignee.

      createdBy: Created by this user.

      createdOn: When the submission has been created.

      modifiedBy: Modified by this user.

      modifiedOn: When the submission was modified.

    {info} If the "Automatically assign failed submissions to submitter" switcher is turned ON on Administration/General settings page the system will not send e-mail about the auto-assignment to the submitter.

    E-mail settings - E-mail notifications

    The correct settings of the SMTP server are essentials for the e-mail forwarding, but in order to be able to verify the settings, you must always save the changes first.

    E-mail settings - SMTP Server Settings

    The user may also be notified about the long-standing submissions based on the parameters set. Abandoned Submission

    Abandoned submissions