API documentation

    Compound Registration provides a REST interface to interact with the registration system.


    If you have an installed Compound Registration version, you can check the API documentation at http://your.compreg.install/ RegistryCxn/rest/swagger-ui.html.

    In case you don't have a deployed system, you can check the API doc of the latest Compound Registration version here: https://compreg.demo.cxn.io/RegistryCxn/rest/swagger-ui.html.

    {info} In order to view the REST API documentation on our public demo site you need to request access and log in.

    API authentication

    API calls return valid responses, only if the request is authenticated. One way of authentication is Basic Authentication , in this case an "Authorization" header must be added to the HTTP request.

    For example purposes let's consider the case when a client wants to retrieve a compound identified by "CXN132". In this case a GET request must be sent to


    To authenticate this request, the proper "Authorization" header must be added, containing the "authorization token". The authorization token is generated from the combination of the username and password pair. This header can be generated by using this tool. A full example request looks something like this:

    GET https://yourhost.com/RegistryCxn/rest/structureService/registryStructure?id=CXN1 HTTP/1.1
    Authorization: "Basic Y2xpZW50OnNlY3JldA=="

    Forcing compounds to the Staging

    Using the API, compounds can be prevented to be registered and "forced" into the Staging area for further review.