New Features in IJC Q1 2018

    Better diagnosis of wrongly configured .ijs file

    Improvement in diagnosis of wrongly configured .ijs file. If the schema initialization fails because of missed information about database URL, then the corresponding error message appears (“Database URL must be provided”).

    Upgrade of the Connection Pooling Library

    The Connection Pooling Library has been upgraded. As a result, two properties in .ijs configuration file were replaced:

    " custom.connection.pool.maxActive " is replaced with (renamed to) " custom.connection.pool.maxTotal " - meaning of the property and the value remains the same

    " custom.connection.pool.whenExhaustedAction " is replaced with " custom.connection.pool.blockWhenExhausted " - meaning of the property is changed in accordance with the meaning in the upgraded library.

    If you are using this property please consult the library manual:

    Old version:


    New version:

    When a configuration file contains an old property, the user will be notified via the following error message:

    ERROR: Connecting to database failed: Your configuration file contains deprecated property specification


    Please visit Editing Schema Connection Settings for further information how to fix the problem.

    Import improvement

    Improvement of import of large amount of data into underlying database, especially MySQL.