Configurations of MarvinSketch

    The whole collection of Menubar, Toolbar, Pop-up menu and Shortcut definitions is called Configuration.

    The Customization describes how to personalize - add, remove and modify elements - the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of MarvinSketch.

    Configurations are available by default:

    • Marvin

    • Marvin v5.0

    • View Mode.

    Both has its own menubars, toolbars, etc.

    The default configuration is called Marvin Configuration, and it has the (active) suffix. This selection can be changed any time from the View menu.

    {info} Configuration settings do not change the behavior of the application, it only applies to the GUI.

    The configuration-related commands can be found in the View > Editor Style (or View > Configurations ) menu.


    Configurations can be modified, exported and imported, or reset to the default settings from the Configuration Settings submenu.

    As soon as any changes are made, the configuration becomes modified, but a new configuration is not created yet, the modifications are only stored.

    If the Configuration Settings are Reset , the modifications will be lost, and it is not possible to restore them. To prevent this, a new configuration can be made which stores the personalized GUI settings.

    The available functions are described in the following table:

    Make Active Activates a configuration which will not cause the loss of modifications when the current configuration is modified.
    Edit Opens the Customize dialog with the selected configuration definitions loaded.
    Rename Simply changes the name of a configuration.
    Copy Creates a new configuration based on the selected one inheriting all GUI definitions.
    Reset Returns to the default configuration settings by dismissing all modifications. This operation cannot be undone.
    Import Imports an XML or a serialized (.ser) configuration file.
    Export Exports the active configuration to an XML or a serialized (.ser) file.

    Screenshots of the two available configurations:

    Marvin Configuration


    View Mode