Selecting a Structure

    Set Selection mode on by clicking one of the three available Selection buttons.

    • images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png Rectangle Selection

    • images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_lasso24.png Lasso Selection

    • images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_structure24.png Stucture Selection

      To select a ... choose and..
      atom images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png click on it
      bond images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png click on the bond that links them
      rectangular region images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png click at one corner of the desired region and drag the mouse to the opposite corner. While the mouse button is pressed down, a guide will be displayed to aid you
      non-rectangular region images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_lasso24.png press the left mouse button to start selecting, and draw the region with your mouse without releasing the mouse button.A blue guide line appears along the selection region. A pink line connects the start and end points.
      fragment images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png double-click on an atom or bond
      molecule images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_structure240.png click on an atom or bond.
      whole stucture images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_rectangle24.png double-click on any part of it
      images/download/thumbnails/5318045/select_lasso24.png double-click on any part of it

    To unselect all click an empty area of the canvas.

    The Invert selection (Ctrl+Shift+I) will change the current selection such that everything previously unselected will now be selected and vice versa. If there is no selection , the entire image area will be selected.