Administration guide for Assay

    There are two main user roles in ChemAxon Assay. Administrators (admins) have access to the entire system, including its configurations. Users have access to parts of the system as configured by the admin. Special users are the CRO users restricted to data upload only.

    This page summarizes the tools collected in the Admin Area. The administrative area is found in the dropdown under your username. It is only visible to users with admin rights (managed in Synergy).

    Groups and Roles

    You can assign various roles to groups of users as defined in Synergy administration. The groups are automatically retrieved from Synergy, and offered in the dropdown list.

    The assignment of users to groups is handled in the Synergy Administration. See details in the Synergy documentation.

    Roles and Privileges

    We collected all privileges in a table so you'll have a reference of who is allowed to do what.

    Downstream synchronization

    Data may be sent (downstreamed) to other applications, so connected databases are always synchronized. This happens periodically, but if needed, a manual synchronization can be started.

    Adapter status: the current state of the Assay adapter is displayed here. The normal case is a green sign reading UP and Ready. If this is not the case, please contact your system administrator for support.

    On-demand synchronization: after the first synchronization a colored bar displays the time stamp of the last synch and if it was succesful. To initiate the data synchronization right away, press the Start synchronization button.

    Automatic upload

    Automatic file upload is available via a shared Google Drive folder. You have to sign in with a Google account, create a folder and copy it's URL to the Google Drive folder URL field (not the link to share the folder). Click Save to save the settings. If the folder is valid, you can quick-view the contents by clicking the List files button or open the Drive with the Open folder button.

    Scheduling: you may set the periodical checkup of the folder to see if there are any new files added. The software then automatically uploads the new files. Set the starting date and time in the corresponding fields, and define a time period when the folder check should occur. Click the Start button to start the scheduling. If you set a date already passed, the scheduling will start immediately. To pause the scheduled file upload, click the Stop button.

    Power user functions

    Clear database: you may permanently delete the database (wipe clear of all user-set parameter types, procedures, tasks, history).

    {warning} As this action is not reversible, it is recommended only during testing period!

    There are three options of database cleaning:

    • Delete tasks and processed data only: Tasks and Processed Data tabs will be emptied, but the Parameter Types, Procedures and settings in the Admin Area will remain.

    • Keep settings, delete all data: Parameter Types, Procedures, Tasks and Processed Data tabs will be emptied, but settings in the Admin Area will remain.

    • Delete settings and all data: all tabs will be emptied and Admin Area settings will be set back to the default values.