Templates in MarvinSketch

    MarvinSketch provides several predefined chemical structures, called templates or structure templates. They are categorized into template groups, like Amino Acids, Polycyclics etc .

    The following template groups are available in MarvinSketch by default:

    • Generic

    • Rings

    • Amino Acids

    • Aromatics

    • Bicyclics

    • Bridged Polycyclics

    • Crown Ethers

    • Cycloalkanes

    • Heterocycles

    • Polycyclics

    • Homology Groups

    • Alpha D sugars

    • Beta D sugars

    • Deoxynucleosides

    • Flavonoids

    • Nucleobases

    • Nucleosides

    • Organometallics

    • Peptide building blocks

    • Protoalkaloids

    • True Alkaloids

    • Vitamins

    • My Templates

    The templates can be accessed via the Advanced Templates toolbar or through the Insert > Template menu item.

    How to use Templates:

    • Select a template using the Template Library or the Advanced Templates toolbar area.

    • In case the template structure contains any S-groups, the group(s) can be optionally expanded or contracted by pressing the Shift button.

    • Place the template structure by left-clicking on the desired location.

    The Template Library Manager dialog contains buttons that customize template handling.

    User-defined Templates

    It is possible to add user-defines templates structure(s) either to the Advanced Templates toolbar or to the Insert > Template menu using the Template Library Manager dialog .