File Menu in MarvinSketch

    The File Menu contains the available file operations, such as New, Open, Save, Print, and Close.

    New > Clear Desk Removes the structure being on the canvas including all fragments and graphical objects.
    New > New Window Opens another MarvinSketch window.
    Open images/download/thumbnails/5317384/open24.png Loads your saved molecule file into Marvin and discard any unsaved changes to the molecule you were previously working with.
    Insert File Inserts your saved molecule file into the canvas without erasing its former content.
    Save images/download/thumbnails/5317384/save24.png Saves the molecule to the same file it was opened from and in the same format. If you are working with a new molecule, Save will function as Save As.
    Save As images/download/thumbnails/5317384/saveas24.png Saves the molecule in a different location or with a different file name or format.
    Import Name Opens the Source window in IUPAC Name format, and enables you to enter directly a IUPAC Name and convert it to structure.
    Import Image Tries to convert an image file to a structure using OSRA.
    Export to Image Exports the molecule to the required location in the required image format.
    Find Structure Online > Chemicalize If contains the structure, it opens the records in your default browser.
    Find Structure Online > Reaxys Starts a search in Reaxys. Both reactions and structures can be searched. In case of structures substructure search is also available.
    Find Structure Online > ChemSpider If ChemSpider contains the structure, it opens the records in your default browser.
    Find Structure Online > PubChem Launches the search in PubChem.
    Print images/download/thumbnails/5317384/print24.png Prints an image of the current molecule.
    Multipage Settings Creates a multipage molecular document that helps to work with large drawings by dividing them into pages.
    Document Style Applies drawing parameters and pre-defined styles. See Customizing drawing styles
    Recent Lists of recently used file names.
    Close Finishes working with the currently open molecule.
    Exit Saves GUI settings, preferences and My Templates before exiting the application.