File Menu in MarvinSketch

    The File menu contains the available file operations, for example, New , Open , Save , Print , and Close.

    Menu item Icon Description
    New > Clear Desk N/A Clears the canvas.
    New > New Window N/A Opens another MarvinSketch window.
    Open images/download/thumbnails/1805229/open24.png Loads the selected molecule file and overwrites the canvas with it, this means any unsaved changes of the previous structure are discarded.
    Insert File N/A Inserts the selected molecule file into the canvas without overwriting its contents.
    Save images/download/thumbnails/1805229/save24.png Saves the molecule in the same format to the same file it was opened from. If you are working with a new molecule, Save functions as Save As.
    Save As images/download/thumbnails/1805229/saveas24.png Saves the molecule in a different location or with a different file name or format.
    Import Name N/A Opens the Source window and enables you to enter directly an IUPAC Name or a trademark name (if it is registered in the dictionary of MarvinSketch) and convert it to structure.
    Import Image N/A Converts an image file to a structure if the file contains the source MRV, otherwise, the conversion is handled by OSRA.
    Export to Image N/A Exports the molecule to the specified location in the specified image format.
    Find Structure Online > Chemicalize images/download/attachments/1805229/chemicalize24.png If contains the structure, it opens the records in your default browser.
    Find Structure Online > Reaxys® images/download/attachments/1805229/reaxys24.png Starts a search in Reaxys. Both reactions and structures can be searched. In the case of structures, a substructure search is also available.
    Find Structure Online > PubChem N/A Launches a search in PubChem.
    Find Structure Online > Google images/download/thumbnails/1805229/google24.png Starts a search in Google Patents. It is also possible to search in non patent literature.
    Print images/download/thumbnails/1805229/print24.png Prints image of the current molecule.
    Multipage Settings N/A Creates a multipage molecular document that helps to work with large drawings by dividing them into pages. For more information, see Multipage Documents.
    Document Style N/A Applies drawing parameters and pre-defined styles. Fre information, see Customizing drawing styles.
    Recent N/A Lists the recently used files.
    Close N/A Finishes working with the currently opened molecule.
    Exit N/A Saves GUI settings, preferences, and My Templates before exiting the application.