Molecule Tables

    The cells in the multi-cell molecule table mode of MarvinView can be divided further and they can have their layout, which is uniformed for all cells in the table. The parameters described here are used to define the structure of such a cell.

    Example of using molecule tables: MarvinView Table View Example.

    A utility class is also available to generate parameter values: MViewParams

    Parameter Description
    <a name="src-1803640-moleculetables-rows"></a>rows The number of molecule rows, including the optional header row.
    <a name="src-1803640-moleculetables-cols"></a>cols The number of molecule columns.
    visibleRows The number of visible rows. The table is scrollable if less than rows. Default value: visibleRows = rows.
    visibleCols The number of visible columns. The table is scrollable if less than cols. Default value: visibleCols = cols.
    layout The layout of the molecule, label, button, and checkbox components in a cell.
    layoutH Layout for the header row.
    param Parameters of the components.
    paramH Parameters for the header row.
    cell0cell1cell2... Contents of the cells. Use these instead of the mol parameter.
    border Border width in pixels. Default: 0 (no border between cells).Increases the total applet WIDTH by border(cols-1) , and the HEIGHT by border(rows-1) .