JChem for Office Lite User's Guide

    JChem for Office Lite is ChemAxon's newest chemoinformatics solution in Microsoft Office products. It is a lightweight, easy-to-use add-in for Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Lite is ideal for users who only want to copy and paste single structures from chemical editors to Office applications. The pasted structures then can be edited as seamlessly as in JChem for Office.

    The goal of JChem for Office Lite is to ensure cooperation between users with different chemical editors. Users can work on structures regardless of what editor they use as JChem for Office Lite automatically detects and uses the most appropriate renderer for any given format; this currently means either Marvin or ChemDraw.

    Moreover, the unique drawing style of the renderer is applied to structures regardless of their format.

    The functions of JChem for Office Lite are as follows:

    • Copying and pasting structures from and to all chemical editors that are currently supported in JChem for Office.

    • Editing structures with a double-click in the chosen chemical editor.

    • Automatic renderer detection that supports Marvin and ChemDraw.

    • Changing renderer and editor through context menu items.

    Although JChem for Office Lite is the perfect solution for ensuring cooperation between users, the removal of the ribbon and its features can be limiting.

    If you are looking for a solution with extended functionalities, for example, database import or the ability to copy-paste structures from multiple cells, it is strongly recommended to get JChem for Office.

    For more information about JChem for Office functionalities, see the JChem for Office User's Guide.

    If you already have JChem for Office, but you do not need its full functions or just simply want to try out JChem for Office Lite, it is possible to switch between these two solutions.

    For more information regarding this, see Switching JChem for Office to Lite Mode.