Plexus Connect - Log in

    When you first access Plexus Connect , you are required to log in to the application with your correct credentials. Fill in your user name and password and start your task from your dashboard.


    Your current user credentials can be altered from the security menu option of the Instant JChem desktop application.

    You can sign out and log back in with another account from the right upper menu bar:


    Please note that Plexus Suite automatically logs you out after a pre-defined period of inactivity. The time period is configurable (see the plexus.sessionExpirationTimeSec property in the webapp/WEB-INF/classes / file) and the default value is one hour.

    Registering on the Plexus Connect demo site

    The Plexus Connect demo website is available on this address:

    For trying out the demo website, ChemAxon Pass is required that you can create here. Please make sure that you use a corporate email address for registration because currently we cannot accept non-corporate or personal email addresses.