Text Editing

    To create a new text, select the Text tool, then left-click on an empty place on the canvas. In the opening Text dialog, you can create and format the text. Symbols can be inserted by the symbol button, and also can be typed if there are keyboard shortcuts for them.

    To edit an already existing text on the canvas, follow the steps below:

    1. Select the Text tool, then, with the cursor, hover over the text that you would like to change.
    2. When the textbox becomes highlighted in blue, left-click on it.
    3. The Text dialog opens, here you can edit your text as you like.
      Textbox editing

    {info} After creation, the textbox can be moved on the canvas by dragging.

    Texts can be deleted by using the following methods:

    • Hover over it and push the Delete key or the Delete button on the toolbar.
    • Click on one text, or encase more than one text boxes in a red rectangle by dragging with the active Delete tool.