File Export Options in JChem for Excel

    The figure below shows the file export options of JChem for Excel.



    Text Encoding

    Set the value of this option to UTF-8 if you would like to export a file that has UTF character coding. This ensures that the characters are exported correctly.

    The default value of this option is Unspecified.

    File Format

    Default Export File Format

    Use this option to specify the default file format of files during export processes. The following file formats are available:

    • ChemAxon extended Smiles

    • ChemAxon MRV format

    • Daylight Smiles

    • MDL RD File

    • MDL SD File

    • IUPAC Names

    The default value of this option is MDL SD File.


    Format Values

    Use this option to specify whether the date and currency data are exported according to the current regional settings or not.

    The possible values are as follows:

    • TRUE

    • FALSE (in this case, prices are exported without any currency signs and dates are exported as strings)

    The default value is TRUE.