Java Plugins

    Java Plugins

    The API examples contain source code for several IJC plugins. In order to compile these plugins and install them to Instant JChem you should follow [ IJC Plugin Quick Start |IJCtest_docs_developer_api_examples_ijc-plugin-quick-start_index] tutorial. This tutorial will walk you through the process of installing and setting up tools required for IJC plugin development and will show you how to download, compile and run the IJC example plugins.

    If you don't want to follow the IJC Plugin Quick Start tutorial you can download the source code of IJC example plugins directly from here . The ZIP file contains NetBeans IDE projects for all IJC example plugins as well as any other utility or library modules required in the examples. The starting point is the


    project, which is a modules suite with all the example plugins. Building and running the suite will build and run all the examples included in the suite.

    • IJC Plugin Quick Start - This tutorial is the must for anybody wishing to start developing IJC plugins. It introduces the tools essential for IJC plugin development and shows how to compile and run IJC example plugins, which gives you a starting point for your own experiments.

    • IJC Plugin "Hello World!" - In this tutorial you will create your own simple IJC plugin, build it and deploy it to Instant JChem. In the first part the tutorial shows how to setup your environment for IJC plugin development and then walks you through the process of creating a simple 'Hello World!' plugin.

    • IJC Plugin tutorial: MyAddField plugin - This tutorial will introduce you to the basics of IJC plugin development and using Instant JChem APIs. It will walk you step by step through the process of creating 'Add Field' IJC plugin included in IJC API Examples suite.

    • IJC Plugin tutorial: MyMathCalc plugin - This tutorial shows how to add an action, invoked by a menu item, for reading values from the grid view selection and calculating averages or sums.

    • Renderer example - Simple example of plugging in a new type of renderer. This one colours the cells in the grid view based on some user specified cutoff value.

    • Structure Checker Web Service - An advanced example that shows how an IJC plugin can interact with a RESTful web service to process molecule structures and apply results back to IJC entity. This example has two parts - the RESTful web service implemented as a J2EE web application StructureCheckerServer and an IJC plugin StructureCheckerClient that consumes the web service.

    • IJC plugin for Canvas widget - Sources for building of demo plugin are available in the\ijc-api-examples ources\Canvas. Demo plugin is available in ijc-api-examples\plugins\com-chemaxon-ijc-canvas-examples-demo.nbm