Plexus Connect Authentication

    Currently, Plexus Connect supports two types of authentication:

    • Instant JChem based authentication:

      This is the default method, where there is no need for any extra configuration. Each user will be authenticated against the configured Instant JChem schema(s). You can read more about configuring an Instant JChem schema here.

    • Anonymous authentication: In this case, users do not need to authenticate themselves when they log in to Plexus Connect; every user will be assigned to the same pre-specified user name.

      • To use this authentication type, set the following configuration property:


      • The default user name is "Guest" while the default user role is "ROLE_USER".If you would like to change the user name or the role, you have to use the following properties:



        For example you can set the common user name as "Plexus user" and give data editing privilege to every user the following way:

        anonymous.username="Plexus user"