Drawing in MarvinSketch

    To place an atom on the canvas, either select one from the Atoms Toolbar or type its chemical symbol and place it on the canvas with a left-click.

    To draw a single bond, click the Single Bonds button on the Tools Toolbar and place the single bond on the canvas. It is possible to select different bond types other than the default single bond. To select a different type, simply open the drop-down list by clicking the ▼ button.


    {info} You can also change existing bonds on the canvas through this menu, the context menu ( Type ), or by using keyboard shortcuts. For more information regarding shortcuts, see Shortcuts in MarvinSketch.

    To draw a chain, click on the Draw Chain button on the Tools Toolbar and drag on the canvas.

    To place a template on the canvas, select a template from the Advanced Templates Toolbar and click on the canvas. The template can be rotated by holding the left mouse button and dragging.

    To increase or decrease a charge, click the + or - buttons on the Tools toolbar and click the desired atom. Alternatively, you can set the charge of an atom by hovering the cursor over it and hitting the + or - keys.