Grouping monomers

    Assuming a Biomolecule Toolkit established and categories for monomer grouping are configured, BioEddie is able to use the monomers’ values for grouping.

    For further details about configuring attributes and categories for monomer grouping, see the Biomolecule Toolkit User Guide documentation's Additional Data Handling section.

    Click on the images/download/thumbnails/17272111/lib_panel_config.png and open ’Categorize monomers by’ dropdown to see the list of defined attributes and select the property of interest.


    Click on one of the attributes to group the monomers according to their corresponding values. Those monomers which do not possess the selected attribute are treated as ’Uncategorized’.


    If the Biomolecule Toolkit is not available, the grouping cannot be performed based on custom attributes.

    To change or remove the monomer grouping on the library panel, click on the property’s name and select another property or ’None’ in the list.


    Currently, one property can be selected for monomer grouping at the same time.