Custom Chemical Functions in JChem for Excel

    Calculator Plugins are ChemAxon modules for Marvin and JChem cheminformatics platforms. These plugins calculate physicochemical properties from chemical structures.

    Calculator Plugins can be used in the following ways:

    • Directly from Marvin.

    • Directly from Instant JChem.

    • Directly from Reactor applications.

    • Through the command line.

    • By using an API.

    • Through the Chemical Terms language of ChemAxon.

    • As custom chemical functions in JChem for Excel.

    For more information about Calculator Plugins, see Calculator Plugins User's Guide.

    For more information about Chemical Terms, see Chemical Terms.

    The JChem-specific functions are organized into separate categories among the basic Microsoft Excel functions. They are starting with JC . The category names are starting with JChem prefix for the same reason.

    Since JChem for Excel 6.0, functions are displayed in different sub-categories, based on the field of computational chemistry they are operating.

    In earlier versions, JChem for Excel functions were listed in the JChemExcel.Functions group. This group is still available with all former JChem functions.

    These sub-categories are as follows: