Plexus Connect - Frequently Asked Questions about Licensing

    What shall I do with license files?

    You need to install the license files you get because all products should know the location of the license file.

    How do I install license files?

    You can install the license files either manually or with the ChemAxon License Manager.

    What is the ChemAxon License Manager?

    ChemAxon License Manager is a central place where you can manage the licenses of all ChemAxon products.

    How can I use the ChemAxon License Manager?

    You can reach the graphical interface either from the Help menu of any product or through the Start menu. You can also use the scripts/license command-line version.

    Will I have separate license files for each product?

    No, license files usually contain licenses to several products.

    Can I have more than one license file?

    Yes, you may have more license files, though these can be easily merged into one file.

    Do I have to install the license files in each product I have a license to?

    No, with ChemAxon License Manager you need to install a license file only once.

    What happens when I install a license file?

    ChemAxon License Manager copies the license file to a location where all products can find it. This location is .chemaxon/license.cxl (Unix) or chemaxon\license.cxl (Windows) under the user's home directory.

    You can copy your license file to this location if you wish to install it manually.

    What do license files contain?

    License files contain several licenses to products. A license contains all relevant information from your license agreement, such as product name, licensee, expiration date, usage restrictions, etc. All licenses are cryptographically protected from modification.

    Can I set the license file location through API?

    Yes, you can use the following method:

    chemaxon.license.LicenseManager.setLicenseFile(String path)