Additional information about the whole molecule or its parts can be viewed and edited in the Annotation view.

    BioEddie supports textual and numerical additional data specified by attribute-value pairs, which enable representation of partially known structures of molecules, description of molecule components with no chemical structure, and annotations.

    To add an annotation to a component:

    1. Select the Annotation View in the panel selection drop-down at the top-left of the Secondary view.

    2. Select the component to be annotated on the Canvas.

    3. Double click on the empty cell to add an attribute name to the first column of the table. If sequence annotations contain a ’name’ attribute, the value of this attribute will be directly displayed on the canvas.

    4. Use "Tab" to navigate to the value field and add the corresponding value.

    5. Use "Tab" again or press "+ Add" to add a new annotation.