Integration Server Administrator Guide


    ChemCurator Integration Server

    ChemCurator Integration Server is a RESTful Web Service application of ChemAxon for storing and sharing ChemCurator projects.

    The application offers the following functions:

    • storing ChemCurator projects in a central database;

    • sharing projects between ChemCurator users.

    The integration server is typically deployed and maintained by system administrators. The following part of this document provides information mainly for them.



    ChemCurator Integration Server is shipped in the form of an executable JAR file, which can also be managed as a standard Unix/Linux service . For more information and instructions, see this page.

    The server application stores the shared projects as ZIP files in a dedicated folder. By default, this folder is created next to the JAR file of the application.

    After successfully launching the application, the login page can be opened (the default URL is http://localhost:8080/).


    User management

    Integration server creates a default user admin (pw.: admin) for administration purposes when it is first launched. After logging in using this admin account, user management becomes available. Here additional administrator users and standard users can be added, and existing users can be deleted.


    Project management

    Another page of the integration server provides a list of all shared projects and their revisions. When a user uploads any changes to a project, a new revision is created automatically. Using ChemCurator application, only the latest revision of a shared project is accessible, but the web interface of the integration server can be used to obtain previous revisions as ZIP files, which can be imported into ChemCurator directly.


    ChemCurator application communicates with the integration server through a REST API using a basic HTML authentication. Basically, this communication is hidden for the user, but the REST API can be used directly by third-party applications or for testing purposes.

    Command Method Description
    /version GET Returns version information about the application (no authentication required).
    /projects GET Lists the shared projects.
    /projects/ [project ID] /info GET Gets information about a shared project.
    /projects/ [project ID] GET Downloads a project from the server.