Search Online Toolbar

    This toolbar consists of shortcuts for Reaxys® and Chemicalize search.

    The toolbar is visible by default. To hide the toolbar, navigate to View > Toolbars and remove the tick beside its name.

    Toolbar item Icon Description
    Find Structure in Chemicalize images/download/thumbnails/9241541/chemicalize24.png If contains the structure, it opens the records in your default browser.
    Find Structure in Reaxys ® images/download/thumbnails/9241541/reaxys24.png Starts a search in Reaxys®. Both reactions and structures can be searched. In the case of structures, a substructure search is also available.
    Find Structure in Google Patents images/download/thumbnails/9241541/google24.png Starts a search in Google Patents. It is also possible to search in non patent literature.