Update the regulations

    After setting up an update server, users and admins get a warning message when the Knowledge Base version is not up to date:


    Admins can update the Knowledge Base from the Administration page by clicking on the images/download/thumbnails/1805580/updatelegislation_icon.png Update the regulations button.

    Actual regulations are covered by a rule set and an exclusion set which are sets of special chemical query structures confirming the actually valid and relevant legal regulations.

    The scope of the legal relevancy depends on the scope of the Compliance Checker license you have.

    Two ways are provided for the update:

    Manual DB update

    • Admins can execute the update by selecting your own jar file containing the appropriate database by clicking on **Update to selected file ** button.
    • Or the Knowledge Base can be updated automatically - if the update server was configured - by clicking on the Download and update to latest version button.

    Automatic DB update

    • Automatic update can be configured that monitors if there is a newer update on the update server and updates the Knowledge Base automatically.